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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  May 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. kentucky, oregon, you, my friends, are on the clock. s >> democrats in the bluegrass state and both parties in the beaver state are at the poll this is morning with donald trump now running first in a one-man race. all the drama is on the democratic side. bernie sanders hoping to keep his two-state winning streak alive and chip away at hillary clinton's delegate lead. >> at the very same time, clinton is fending off bernie sanders she is also trying to shift into full general election mode with her sights first set on donald trump, but first before that, she's got to get past kentucky. let's get over to cnn's brynn gingras. she's in louisville, kentucky, right now where the polls are open. what are you seeing, brynn? >> reporter: good morning. it's wet, it's soggy outside here in louisville, but it's really not stopping voters from coming to this particular poling precinct to cast their ballot. we've seen a significant amount
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of people coming. as you can see here the line behind me, we've got about 100 people per hour casting their ballots. those are pretty good numbers and here in kentucky this is a state that hillary clinton really wants to win. she's put in a lot of work, a lot of dollars campaigning at 11 different locations in the state just within the last two weeks trying to fend off bernie sanders who, of course, is on a recent winning streak and who is spending much of his time right now in oregon and then california, but overall in the state of kentucky, the secretary of state is saying about 20% turnout. we'll see certainly later tonight how those numbers fare out for both candidates. talking to voters, i got to tell you, a little undecided. a lot of people really weren't sure who they were going to vote for when they walked through those doors this morning, but certainly a lot of people we've been talking to favoring hillary clinton at this point. john and kate? >> brynn, thank you so much. she's on the ground in kentucky. right now voters are heading to the polls in kentucky and oregon
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as we speak, but if you are in the battleground state like let's say ohio, the general election is on. do you need proof? look no further than the big ad buy coming out right now from a pro-hillary clinton super pac. take a look at this. >> you know, could you see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat ass? absolutely. do like girls who are 5'1", they come up to you know where. if ivanka wasn't my daughter perhaps i would be dating her. if you're flat chested, it's hard to be a ten. you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> then for that last part becomes an issue -- >> becomes a thing in a few minutes. >> these ads go up in four states, ohio, florida, virginia, and nevada starting tomorrow. this promises to be the beginning of a more than $100 million ad buy, ad assault on donald trump all the way up to november. guy cecil is the man behind
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this. he's the chief strategist for priorities usa, the pro-clinton super pac. he joins us now. $6 million, four states directed toward the general election and middle of the primaries. why now? >> one of the things that republicans taught us is that they started advertising against donald trump too little and too late and they spent most of their primary trying to appeal to him and to his voters, and so we think it's important to start prosecuting this case right away, and, frankly, there's a lot of material to work with so there's no reason not to get an early start. >> let's talk about some of that material. as john was saying, that last bit, the bleeped out part -- >> what did she say? >> you know. she said that. he said that actually. donald trump taking you guys on saying you took him out of context. he tweeted this. the pathetic hit against me. the you can tell them to blank themselves was about china, not women. >> i think it's pretty hilarious
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we released 60 seconds of advertising and he only disputed 30 seconds of it. this ad just isn't about women. it's about the demeaning, nasty way he treats people, hispanics, muslims, women, young people. this is a guy who said men should not change diapers because it feminizes them. >> but the connotation of the entirety of the ad is that he's anti-women except for this one bit. >> sure. well, the irony is also that donald trump's tweet is actually factually wrong. when he said that line or at least one of the times he said that thing, he was actually talking about outsourcing which is ironic because donald trump outsources almost everything he produces and, in fact, bragged by hiring people in bangladesh. on a host of issues, whether it's his demeaning comments or whether, frankly, it's the con he's been trying to pull over on his businesses and the economy, we think the ad is 100% accurate. >> just because you used word con there i want to ask you this. the language is the exact same
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language as used in one of the never trump ads, super pac ads against trump. you want us to talk about the themes you say donald trump has a divisive character, he's too dangerous to vote for, and you say he is a con man which again the exact words that marco rubio used. if it didn't work for them, why is it going to work for you? >> first of all, it didn't work in a republican primary which is a very small part of the electorate. our research shows that most americans are actually just tuning into this election, and america is a lot more diverse than the republican party, and so whether you're talking about hispanics, african-americans, young people, women, we know because several poub lick stubl have shown these messages work with a general election audience and that's what we're focused on, not a small subset of the republican primary. >> he's made no secret this is going to be one of his lines of attack. amazing hillary clinton can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the worst
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abuser of women in u.s. political history. how are you going to combat that? he's made no secret this is going to be where he's going to go. >> we don't have to guess what the impact of those types of attacks are going to be. republicans trit them throughout the '90s. bill clinton had one of the highest approval ratings of any president in modern times. ultimately, i think this entire argument is going to backfire against him. >> do you think he can gain no ground? >> i think the people that will find that type of rhetoric appealing are the people that already are voting for donald trump. >> he's going to keep up with it. you know that. >> i imagine that that's the case. my twitter feed says so. >> twitter is definitely -- >> the only way to gauge everything, yes. >> this is a general election ad. hillary clinton is actually running in a presidential primary, so your pro-hillary clinton super pac, she's still running against bernie sanders hard in kentucky today. do you risk alienating sanders' voters by going up on the air right now? >> i don't think so. the fact of the matter is i worked for hillary in 2008. she went all the way through the end. i expect bernie sanders to go all the way through the end and
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we're not focused on bernie sanders. we know, however that -- >> is that being a little cocky? >> i think regardless of who the democratic nominee is, we know donald trump is going to be the republican nominee and it's our responsibility to take him on and not let happen what the republicans let happen which is to let him run away with a message that frankly is fraudulent. >> why not put money in places like california? why go -- why move all the way to the general election when she's still -- yes, the math is on her side, but she's still in a primary. >> well, i think because our focus is on the general election. we're going to let the get campaign and the sanders campaign hash out the primary and we're going to focus on the four states we're advertising in tomorrow and then looking at significantly expanding the map into places like north carolina which we think is going to be competitive this election. >> once you go up, are you never going off until november? >> we are staying up until election day. >> how much money? >> right now about $130 million, which will include not only
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television but more importantly a lot of digital advertising which, frankly, is how we're going to reach in particular young voters who we want to make sure turn out in this election. >> i did read you guys were originally going to start this after california, your ad buys, but you pushed it up. what was the one reason? >> honestly, we think it's important to start the campaign as early as possible, and, frankly, once donald trump became the nominee, our fund-raising improved because people know what is at stake with him as the republican nominee. >> guy cecil, thanks for coming in. come back soon. >> thanks. >> thanks, guy. thanks very much. all right. i'm getting a little emotional. no, i have something in my throat. let's continue this conversation right now with our panel. dan pfeiffer and kayleigh mcenany. also with us right now is republican strategist and former chief of staff to the gop senate leader mitch mcconnell. guys, it's great to have you. kayleigh will be joining us in a
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hot second. when you see these ads going up, you hear from guy cecil right there talking about they're all focused on the general, it sure sounds like the general election is on. >> it is. i think -- i mean, the primary is going to continue, there are elections tonight. senator sanders is going to stay in this rate until the end as i think he should, but the general election is here. hillary clinton is going to be the nominee, and i think guy and priority is making the right decision to waste no time to begin prosecuting the case against donald trump. there's no time like the present. >> you know, josh, it was really interesting because obviously these ads are directed squarely at women. >> yeah. >> john kasich last night did an interview with anderson cooper, his first real public appearance since he dropped out of the race, and he talked about one of the reasons why he doesn't feel like he can endorse. listen to who he cites as the reasons here. listen to this. >> so just for the record you're undecided about whether or not you would endorse donald trump. >> i am. right. i'm undecided.
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>> are you undecided about whether you'd actually vote for him? >> at the end of the day endorsing is going to mean a lot and frankly my wife and my daughters have watched this, and if i were to turn around today and endorse him, they'd be like why, dad? and that matters to me. >> so, josh, it doesn't seem like an accident that john kasich cited his wife and daughters. presumably republican women. how big of a problem, josh, is the issue of women for donald trump right now? >> well, it's a big problem, and i don't think it's any secret. we've seen polls here for the last 60, 90 days indicating that donald trump has unfavorability ratings amongst women as high as 70 and above. that's virtually unprecedented as you go into a general election. it's certainly not something we've seen out of a presidential candidate in modern history from either side. the only thing he's got going for him is the unfavorability of hillary clinton is nearly as high in almost every other category so he's competitive on
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his general election ballot but i don't think it's any secret they're going after this hard with a super pac. they want to solidify where the ratings sit. we'll see if that ultimately needs solidifying. i would argue it's been pretty solid over the last few weeks and their candidate itself has not been able to actually move past that. maybe that's because she's litigating a primary. >> kayleigh, i want you to get in on this. when you talk about obviously a problem with women, josh says it's no secret donald trump has a problem with women in general. but guy cecil, who was just on, he said an important thing that i want you to get a chance to respond to. he said of the 60-second ad, the messages that donald trump is anti-women, donald trump is is only disputing 3 seconds of it saying that that bit was about china, not about women. >> yeah, that's right. that's why i think that he does need to come out and distance himself from some of the statements he made in the early 1990s on the howard stern show. he needs to say i'm not the same person today.
8:12 am
i think that would help him a lot. >> i feel like i have been hearing you say that for a while though and they're not taking your advice. >> they're not but they should. that is his weakness. his achilles' heel is women. hillary clinton's achilles' heel is honesty. they need to effectively counter this ad by personalizing her failures. it means getting on maybe some of the sexual assault accusers who say, hey, i was a victim of hillary clinton demonizing me. personalize her weeknesses takn. >> you continue work for the campaign. you are a supporter. >> right. >> of donald trump but you come on here and you defend most of what donald trump says and does. that's just factually true. this is a case where you have been quite clear for some time he's not doing what you would like him to do. what do you want him to come out and say when it comes to women? >> what i would like to hear him say is the statements i made in the 1990s are not me today. today i am a father of many
8:13 am
children. i have a beautiful wife. i'm a changed person. i'm not the same person. i would not make those same statements today now that i'm older, now that i'm wiser. that was 25 years ago. here is who i am today and it doesn't mean he needs to change completely. he can still be his candid self. he can still be the funny, comedic donald trump that we all like or at least the supporters like, but that means distancing himself from some of the things he said on "the howard stern show" that are different categorically than the things he said today. >> do you think saying he's wrong is part of his character? do you think he would ever come out and do that? >> i don't know. maybe he thinks it would portray weakness. it would give the media fodder saying donald trump was wrong. i'd like to see it. >> let's take a quick turn to what is happening today. kentucky and oregon voting now. hillary clinton is working very hard in kentucky to make it work. what is she going to say if she wins kentucky, game, set, match? and what is she going to say if she loses? >> i think you will hear almost
8:14 am
the exact same message either way. i think it's important for her to not have bernie sanders supporters feel like she's trying to push him out of the race. i think she will be very complimentary senator sanders either way this goes and begin to, you know, as we talked about, focus her message on donald trump. focus on the general election. begin trying out the messages she'll be using in the fall. i think it would be -- winning is always better than losing but ultimately the die is cast here and it's a question of, you know, we got to play this thing out until june in california, but, you know, i think that she will -- the message will be the same either way, but, you know, i guarantee you that in brooklyn they'd much rather win than lose tonight. >> you hear from some democrats, hillary clinton supporters, who say in 2008 john mccain had the republican race locked up in early march. clinton and obama were fighting it out until the end. he had a clear field. from where you're sitting on the republican side, josh, do you think it's an advantage or a disadvantage right now? how much of a disadvantage is it
8:15 am
for hillary clinton to have to be worried about kentucky at all today? >> well, it's clearly not good. they would not want to do that, but i think the bigger problem is it's getting worse as this progresses. we looked like maybe a month and a half ago as though she was going to be able to consolidate the democratic party and get to where she needed to go. now here we are. it's hard to overstate what a catastrophe it would be if she actually lost kentucky. this is a state other than new york, california, and maybe florida, a state that she's visited more over the last four years than any other state in the union. they have spent a considerable amount of time and effort to try to try win that vote. it's something bill clinton carried twice in the '90s. she won very big in 2008 against president obama. if they lose tonight, this is a really huge problem for them to try to get the momentum going again for the general election. >> all right. >> momentum and math. that's what we keep hearing. >> we're going to come back and talk to you in a little bit. we have a lot more to ask. if you are a republican member
8:16 am
of congress who endorsed one of donald trump's opponents and is now kind of on the fence about donald trump, what do you make of all this? the women ads, john miller and the like? we're going to speak to a republican member of congress and ask these very questions next. plus, death threats over delegates. bernie sanders supporters are furious over what they call a rigged system. let's look at this. one state official even says she's received death threats from sanders' supporters. we have the recordings. we'll be right back. he is. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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so donald trump and house speaker paul ryan, they're working on it we can say. there are meetings set up for this week among their aides, but how much ground is there left to cover to make up to reach that elusive unity for the party? >> joining us now, one member of congress who is a big supporter of ted cruz back during the ted cruz still running for president era. north carolina representative mark meadows. congressman, thank you so much for being with us. >> it's great to be with you. thank you so much, john. >> you were a big ted cruz supporter. where are you right now on donald trump? full endorse snment. >> one endorsement a presidential cycle is stuff.
8:21 am
my position hasn't changed. i said i would support the republican nominee. that hasn't changed so obviously i'll be voting for donald trump in november, but, you know, when we made the endorsement, it was more that i had worked with senator cruz, knew him well, knew what he stood for. i don't know as much about donald trump, but obviously we're taking the time to get to know him now and what he will do for the american public. >> when you endorsed senator cruz, i was looking back at that statement that you put out along with the cruz campaign, and in part you wrote, on issue after issue cruz has told the truth and done what he said he was going to do. can you say the same about donald trump right now, congressman? >> you know, really i don't know donald trump as well. i can tell you what he has tapped into is one of the same things that senator cruz had, and that is that washington, d.c. is broken. it doesn't work for the average american. they are ready to embrace
8:22 am
someone who is willing to turn washington, d.c., upside down and say it needs to work for moms and dads on main street again, and that's what donald trump has tapped into. the verdict is in. you know, it's just like a jury, when the verdict comes in, the voice of the people have spoken. donald trump is our nominee, and at this point it's up to us to look at those conservative solutions that hopefully will affect the pocketbooks and job security of americans in the time to come. >> but, you know, you said of ted cruz, cruz has told the truth. at this point you said you're going to vote for donald trump. are you convinced that this man who you say you're going to vote for, are you convinced that donald trump has told the truth? >> well, i think he has. i think one of the criticisms that so many people have is the fact that he says things that people don't agree with, and whether you like it or not, when he comes out with a position, people believe that he'll tell it like it is. and i think that that's one of the interesting aspects of the difference between hillary and
8:23 am
donald trump is the credibility from a truthfulness standpoint is weighing on her campaign where perhaps he has other issues that weighs on his campaign. >> you are going to support the republican nominee. do you think the republican nominee should release his tax returns, congressman? >> you know, i do, but most americans don't really want to pay attention a whole lot to tax returns and weeding through those, and as a business guy i can tell you just the sheer volume of what donald trump would have to file with the irs would be so the laborious to go through that you would only get talking points. it really points to another fact, we need to simplify the tax code and on that i know he and i agree with most americans that it's time that we simplify that and get it out of -- >> what does it say, congressman, that he says he's not going to release them until the audit is over and that's not likely to happen before november? >> well, it's not likely, and
8:24 am
actually i can tell you when i talk to people back home, kate, that is not one of the big issues that they're trying to decide who ends up at 1600 pennsylvania on is a release of tax returns. obviously it's an issue. i would handle it differently, but he's the nominee. i'm not. and really i think that that will be just a footnote in this rate when it's all said and done. >> it is notable though that you do wish he would release them so let's just be clear on that. i understand that is your position there. you're a leader of the freedom caucus. i think trump's people, you've asked for a meeting with trump. i know trump's people are headed to capitol hill. where do you want to see -- where do you feel like you need to see the most movement from donald trump? what do you personally need the most selling on right now when it comes to trump? >> well, i don't know that i need to see movement. it's more a confirmation on a couple of key points, john, and one of those is the role of the executive branch. certainly the role of congress and the role of the executive branch need to be separate, but
8:25 am
they also need to be equal, and what we've seen is an overreach of the executive branch not just during this administration but it has been historically growing and growing. and so a rebalancing of that is key, and as we look at that is redefining the regulatory process to allow businesses to once again prosper where we're not putting a stranglehold on american businesses and indirectly putting a stranglehold on wages. >> congressman mark meadows, thanks so much for being with us. appreciate your time sir. come back, soon. >> thank you, john. thank you, kate. marco rubio goes on an amazing late night twitter rant. this, folks, is why twitter exists. slamming the media, but more importantly revealing his future gym plans. >> this is why twitter exists. sure, john. we'll go with that. also ahead, stock would say tank under donald trump, that is what billionaire mark cuban says would happen if donald trump becomes president.
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in other news about reality shows, donald trump's fellow reality show billionaire businessman mark cuban is sounding the alarm about a possible trump presidency. the dallas mavericks owner and "shark tank" star projects trump's style could lead to huge stock market losses. he says trump's general unpredictability and lack of
8:31 am
specifics on issues could cause financial instability. >> that uncertainty potential l as the president of the united states, that's the last thing wall street wants to hear. i can say with 100% certainty that there's a really good chance we could see a huge, huge correction. it could be 20%. you know, now with high frequency trading accelerating, you know, strong moves in any direction, it could be worse than that. >> joining us now, cnn political commentator dan pfeiffer, cnn political commentator and trump supporter kayleigh mcenany and josh holmes. set aside the fact mark cuban says the stock market is going to tank but the other almost of this conversation is that he was the one -- he was one of the names being floated, mark cuban, who among other things is known to be a reality tv show star, he was one of the folks that was thought to be maybe the third-party candidate savior.
8:32 am
the fact that we are there, right there where he's the guy they're looking to, what does that say? >> i guess it's trying to out-trump trump. that's like basically the only one i can think of that's a reality tv show, can fund his own campaign, and is willing to say absolutely anything at any time. mark cuban would fit the bill. unfortuna unfortunately, i don't think that's a method that's worked terribly well against trump. >> i can struck by the oddness of the moment which is that, you know, we're hearing from other reality show stars about the race for presidency right now. it just seemed like an interesting moment in our history. granted, mark cuban made a lot of money doing different things. he owns the dallas mavericks. she won a championship under him. he has a very successful tv show. but is all of this now the bar to be president of the united states? >> it does seem a bit strange. i thought mark's prediction was rather cryptic. the stock markets are going to crash if donald trump is president.
8:33 am
i mean, that just seems very strange to me. it's also strange to see a reality tv show commenting on a fellow reality tv star. nonetheless, i would point mark in hillary clinton's way talking about the trade deals. >> looking at hillary clinton, dan pfeiffer, kayleigh clearly saw where i wanted to go with this conversation, stop looking at my notes, let's take you to the campaign trail, dan, in kentucky. here was hillary clinton. listen. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because, you know, he knows how to do it, and especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> so hillary clinton says that bill clinton is going to be in charge of the economy. later she kind of couched it,
8:34 am
not part of the cabinet. a little bit here and there on that. dan, what is she trying to do with this? >> well, i think if you listen to the full context of what she says, as important as the first part is the second part where she says where. and specifically about places in the inner city. she was in kentucky, coal country, appalachia, places that have suffered greatly and focused on that, and i think that's a very interesting idea for what i think will be a wide array of things bill clinton is involved in. for some segment of voters, they have very fond memories of the clinton economy in the '90s and it's a chance to bring that back, it's fine. of course, because we live in the twitter age of politics, that got taken out of context or attacked from the left and attacked from the right. but the idea that bill clinton would focus on his energy, his experience, his knowledge on a set of segments of the economy, inner cities, parts of apalachee that have been left behind i think is a great idea and it would be a great use of his time while he's there.
8:35 am
>> josh, you have that big smile on your face which indicates to me intun is tisomeone is ticklit a minimum is ironic about what hillary clinton is saying. >> the irony is amazing. here is the pro-woman candidate who is taking the one issue that every single american cares about the most and saying that her husband is going to do it, right? it makes absolutely no sense. she really needs to solidify that answer, and bill clinton, look, bill clinton is a president from the 1990s. the economy looks a very, very, very lot different than it did back then. this is something that they're going to have to actually try to refine in some way or trump is really going to kill them on it because nobody is looking to look backwards 20 years in order to get their economic policies in place for today. >> but, i mean, bill clinton did run on the two-for-one tag line. the two-for-one tag line. look, i'm just saying in a 2016 economy with all the tech advances, all the amazing opportunities we have
8:36 am
domestically and abroad to increase our economic output and increase jobs throughout the country, the last thing we need to do is look back to a 1990s model that was actually the sort of precipitating effect for a lot of job loss we saw over the last 15 years in the manufacturing sector and beyond. so i just don't think it's a winning message for her and they need to rethink that. >> back to donald trump. he's going to visit henry kissinger tomorrow to talk about foreign policy. he's going to set up a fund-raising operation. he just hired a pollster. is donald trump now a politician? >> yes and no. yes in the sense of he wants to win this election so he has to do what some politicians do which means hiring pollsters but no in the sense he's his own man. he will say what he says whether people -- >> i knocks pollsters and now he's hiring one. >> mocks taking donations from anyone. >> sure, but the general election, it's a very surgical operation. he has to pick off three to four states from the so-called blue wall that the democrats have won
8:37 am
going back 20 years and it means getting a pollster to figure out what is hillary clinton's vulnerabilities in ohio. >> surgical means forget what i said before? >> no, surgical means he wants to win the election. he's going to be him. he's going to be a real candidate off the teleprompter donald trump. >> it's like proposal and suggestion of last week. >> suggestion and promise. understand the new campaign lingo. dan, kayleigh, krosjosh, great have you with us. what sends a former presidential candidate over the edge on twitter? marco rubio unplugged overnight about what he does next. we're going to speak to a source familiar with marco rubio's thinking. that's an inside joke really designed only for marco rubio. >> because he's watching all the time. >>yes. >> plus, this -- tension clearly boiling over at a dramatic and chaotic democratic convention in nevada.
8:38 am
the chairwoman of the nevada democratic party now says that she's getting death threats. is this a preview of what's in store for the main event in philadelphia? we have more details on what happened. (vo) beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. learn more at
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american standard heating and air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. so another nonendorsement for donald trump this morning coming from a former republican rival and the second to last man standing. governor john kasich tells cnnr backing the presumptive nominee. one big reason he says, his wife and his daughters. one they think kasich says he has decided on, the prospect of becoming trump's vp. listen. >> is that something you would consider? during the campaign you said absolutely not, no way. >> i've not changed my mind on that.
8:43 am
look, i have said all along, i have the second best job in america. >> so donald trump called you up today and said, look, you got to do this for the country? >> i'm not inclined to do that. >> all right. let's bring in tim pawlenty, the former governor of minnesota, former republican presidential candidate who says he will support the nominee. governor, i hear john kasich say i'm not inclined to do that, and to me that says abso-freaking-lutely. i say yes. >> i disagree. his top adviser says no says no. >> pleas settle this for us. >> normally i wouldn't believe any of them but with john kasich i think it's genuine. i'd say there's a high probability even if asked he wouldn't take it. >> that means kate wins. >> just to be clear, you're siding with kate. >> on this particular issue. >> why do you think it's different for others -- why do you think john kasich is different than others? you know him. >> john kasich is somebody who is, not to use an old mccain phrase, but is a bit of a
8:44 am
maverick. he's his own thinker, his own person, and he has a resilient and a life compass that's different than your typical politician so i think that's why. >> since you are familiar with the thinking of john kasich right now -- >> not intimately. >> he's a source close to john kasich. >> he's not endorsing just yet. what do you think is going through his head? >> i think he has reservations like we all do. look, many people went and said we're going to support the nominee noth think be it would be donald trump and then donald trump has become the nominee. in fairness when the establishment gets their candidate and they call for the outsiders to join in unity, now the outsiders have one and they're saying establishment, be part of the unity team. john is i saying there's understandable reservations about donald trump and he wants to think that through and see if donald trump can improve before he puts his support behind him. >> but do you think it's inevitable? >> probably but not necessarily. somebody like john kasich or paul ryan can wait and see what happens. >> do you think there's any element of this that this is any
8:45 am
kind of a power play? i mean, if you look at the great state of ohio, donald trump needs that state. john kasich won that state big time. >> normally again, yes, but i put john in a separate category. >> still? >> this is somebody who is a person of deep faith. he's a person who is willing to kind of call it like he sees it and take the recriminations for it. he's got his feet on the ground and his compass set, so i think he's going to do the things he thinks is right for the right reasons. >> that's why he was so frustrated with the primary process. >> it sounds like john kasich may have a different perspective on this. let's talk about marco rubio, republican senator from florida, former presidential candidate, who had an interesting night on twitter, okay? there was an article in "the washington post" which talked about marco rubio and said he was uncertain about what his future might be, right? so marco rubio goes on twitter last night just ten tweets. let me read you a couple. >> dramatic reading, please. >> another jean news line claims
8:46 am
that i'm a bit at sea in terms of his next step politically. um, not really. i have only said 10,000 times i will be a private citizen in january. >> then adds a long time friend says rubio is betwixt and between when it comes to weather to do chest or legs tomorrow at gym. according to sa a source who knows his cousin's wife's dentist, rubio could do cardio instead. >> this probably reinforces the idea that politicians should not tweet late at night. number two, he's probably frustrated. you have all these people who really don't know speculating about his future and 11:00 at night after maybe a beer or something he said the heck with it. >> why not? >> the whole campaign with donald trump calling him little marco and all of a sudden he explodes last night. it seems strange to me. >> people get frustrated. if you talk all day every day, eventually you're going to tweet or say something a little odd.
8:47 am
it happens to all of us. and he's an immense problem. he should run for president in 2020 and the party needs him. >> a talent on fwirt and elsewhere apparently. >> we've been asking this of everyone to weigh in and i want to get your take on this as well. we asked congressman mark meadows. he will support the nominee. you will support the nominee. do you think the republican nominee should release his tax returns? >> it's the norm, and yes, i think he should release his tax returns but he's not the normal candidates so he basically looks at all the rules and says i'm not doing it and it's part of his campaign. >> does it set a bad precedent? >> it sets a bad press debceden general. we all have reservations. we want him to improve. he's got to be a better candidate. his behavior has to improve. that's my hope between now and the convention. >> in the not the normal candidate file there was a story from "the washington post," the tapes from the 1990s where a man claiming to be john miller who claimed to be a spokesman for
8:48 am
donald trump is recorded talking to -- >> you have done that, haven't you? >> have you? >> when you tried to get a job at cnn, it was you on there. >> i have never done it. >> it's odd. it's just weird but the whole thing is weird. so, you know, it seems to me like it's donald trump. he should just admit it and say that was me, it was stupid -- >> it almost seems weirder he didn't admit it. he's the one who says, yes, i own it. >> we've all done dumb things. i shouldn't have done it, let's move on. >> former governor john miller, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you so much, governor. >> you're welcome. >> always so fun. ahead afor us, a democratic party official is getting death threats after this chaotic scene. what does this mean for the big show in philadelphia? july? >> so now we have to approve it section by section.
8:49 am
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this just in to cnn. nevada's democratic party filed
8:53 am
a complaint against bernie sanders in the campaign and some of its supporters. things got pretty chaotic saturday at the state's democratic convention. >> the state's party is complaining about violence and threats that it blames on sanders' supporters. nevada's democratic chairwoman say she's getting death threats over this. senior political reporter manu raju is following this from capitol hill. this complaint is just coming in, manu. what more are you hearing about this thing? >> this is starting to alarm democratic party leaders. they worry if bernie sanders does not reign in his supporters, that this could be a really bad sign for the philadelphia convention. actually could lead to some unruly protests. it could lead to disunity and undermine their effort against donald trump. this convention on saturday. bernie sanders supporters felt they were shut out of the process. they made a post of the address. someone posted the address of
8:54 am
roberto lang, the democratic party chairwoman in nevada and some of those phone calls she got afterwards were very, very harsh. >> hi, roberta lang. this is a citizen of the united states of america and i wanted to let you know people like you should be hung in a public execution to show we won't stand for this sort of corruption. i don't know what kind of money they pay you but you are a sick twisted piece of [ bleep ] and i hope you'll burn for this. you cowardless [ bleep ] running off the stage. i hope people find you. >> democratic party seizing on this in what they also believe were violent episodes launched by bernie sanders supporters and also incited by the bernie sanders campaign in their words. there's actually the complaint that you guys referenced. i will read you a snippet from that. we believe, unfortunately, the tactics and behavior on display here in nevada are harbingers of
8:55 am
things to come as democrats gather in philadelphia, in july for the convention. we right to alert you we perceive as the sanders campaign extra parliamentary behavior, indeed, actual violence in place of democratic conduct and conventi convention setting. sanders campaign on "new day" was asked about this episode in nevada. he says that, look, the campaign does not condone violence. we do not believe our supporters to do this. but at the same time, he was very critical of the nevada democratic party. says that the system is disenfranchising sanders voters, so clearly sympathizing with concerns but disagreeing with their tactics. guys? >> thank you so much. we've been talking about discord in the republican party but clearly, there's discord in the democratic party as well. still ahead, one of donald trump's lawyers, he's now calling for "the new york times" to retract a story about donald trump's behavior towards women but the same attorney is
8:56 am
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hey, everybody. nice to have you with me. it's ashleigh banfield here. this is "legal view" and we are halfway through election day in kentucky. whew. democratic voters splitting 55 delegates between hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a state that went for bill clinton twice and favored hillary over barack obama back in '08. it's also super tuesday. way out west in oregon. but we can't show you the people voting there because oregonians vote via the mail system. 61 democratic delegates up for grabs in the great state of


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